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Workflow Manager - Create, Edit and Approve
Shrink the Document Creation Cycle:  Creating and editing key policy, procedure and control documents always seems to take longer than necessary.  Manually routing documents and collecting revisions can waste time and keeping track of everyone’s edits is challenging. Ever wish there was a better way to manage this process? With StoneArch, there is.  The Workflow Manager lets you create documents, specify document editors and approvers and automatically route documents for editing through your unique workflow.  Even more importantly, the Workflow Manager provides a complete audit trail of all editing and approval activity including document red-lines and comments.  Save time, save money and take control.

Orange Arrow Create & Edit Using Native Applications: The Workflow Manager is designed to work with your existing applications as you can create documents in any native application.  Once documents are loaded into the software, they can be checked out for editing.  A complete red-line history is for later review.

Orange Arrow Define Workflow Groups: The Workflow Manager lets you define workflow roles including process owner, document owner, document reviewer or approver.  Our visual tools can be used to create new workflows and to manage workflow groups.  The Workflow Manager will automatically send requests via e-mail through your defined process, asking users to review and approve documents for release.

Orange Arrow Automatic Routing & Notifications:  The Workflow Manager integrates seamlessly with your existing e-mail system. It will automatically send notifications to users for review or approval of documents based on the workflows you have defined.  The system automatically generates reminders when users miss review or approval deadlines. Process owners can also run reports to indicate overdue activities.

Orange Arrow Red-Line & Change Tracking Tools:  The Workflow Manager includes an embedded red-line engine that tracks your edits. Each version is permanently stored for later review as part of the audit trail.

  Customer Feedback

“The annual editing and review process for our financial policies and control documents has never worked smoothly. We always were missing edits and it was impossible to keep track of who was late with feedback.  StoneArch Workflow Manager eliminates this problem altogether and provides a traceable audit trail for every step in the editing process.”

       Financial Controls Mgr. (Fortune 500 Company)
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