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Overview:  Because You Need To Deliver Results
When you read compliance articles, does your head spin trying to comprehend all the jargon?  Face it, to coordinate compliance initiatives you need a proven process and software automation tools that work together to produce predictable results.  Our software was developed by people who manage compliance processes for a living. It is designed to work at each step in the process across multiple applications.
Our Solutions:
StoneArch Software provides sustainable compliance solutions on an enterprise-wide basis.  We enable corporations to leverage their investment in software tools, implementation and training to address multiple compliance problems including regulatory and operational compliance, corporate governance, risk management, and legal activities:
Regulatory Compliance
Sarbanes Oxley (sections 302/404)
Basel II 

Operational Compliance
ISO 9000
Supplier Certification
Risk Management
Internal Audits
Financial Controls Management
IT Audits
Security Management
Enterprise Risk Management

Corporate Governance
Company Ethics Management
Stock Options Grant Management
Coporate Policy Management

Legal and M&A
Virtual Deal Rooms
Litigation Support Tools
How It Works
StoneArch’s software enables companies to collaborate, manage documents and take control of compliance programs across the enterprise by creating sustainable compliance processes. Our application combines secure document management with automated compliance testing and includes a data repository, a publishing and search engine, reporting and workflow tools, an audit trail and an advanced security framework that are all integrated in an intuitive, easy to use package.
Why Automate?

Customers tell us there are a host of reasons to automate including saving money, eliminating mundane, repetitive tasks and reducing the risk of compliance failures. With manual systems, too many things are left to fall through the cracks. Corporations are demanding sustainable compliance processes.  Common problems include:

  • Tracking issues
  • Inconsistent certification testing
  • Unresolved compliance failures
  • Using unauthorized documents
  • Policy and control distribution
  • Lack of clear, defensible audit trails
  • Document security and change control
  • Cumbersome reporting
  • Critical errors due to inaccurate data
  • Wasted time using inefficient manual processes
Make Your Life Easier. Talk to StoneArch
AMR estimates that, on average, most companies can save 25% or more on compliance costs through the use of labor saving technologies like software.  Are you ready for an easier way to manage compliance? Call StoneArch to find out how you can reduce effort, shorten compliance cycles, increase accuracy, reduce compliance failures and lower your company’s exposure.
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