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Risk Manager - Move Beyond Compliance
Corporations today face unprecedented pressure to comply with regulatory mandates, including the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (sections 302 and 404) and Basel II.  However, today’s business leaders are increasingly looking beyond compliance initiatives and asking how they can increase the value of risk management initiatives to enhance earnings and further create shareholder value.  As a result, many companies are actively pursuing a more advanced approach to risk management that links strategic initiatives with risks to improve operating performance. StoneArch’s Risk Manager, powered by CorVu, provides an advanced risk management framework that helps companies identify, monitor and manage the key threats and obstacles that can prevent businesses from achieving key strategic initiatives.

What is A Risk Management Framework?  A risk management framework is a process companies use to identify business risks and develop corresponding key risk indicators (KRIs) that can be used to assess and prioritize risks based on the severity and likelihood of impact to the business.  Such frameworks also link business risks with key corporate strategic initiatives so company resources can be used to prevent risks from disrupting operations.

Orange Arrow Define and Monitor Risk:  The Risk Manager lets companies define and monitor risks using existing risk frameworks and definitions.  Users can identify and monitor credit, regulatory and operational risks.  They can define and monitor risks related to strategic objectives, business plans, key business drivers or outside influences such economic or political events.  The tool can be used to run scenario analysis as well track and record risks that reach unacceptable thresholds.

Orange Arrow Risk Reports and Dashboards: The Risk Manager works in conjunction with StoneArch’s Report Manager and to provide reports that indicate risk status, remediation activities, open issues as well as alert executives when risks reach critical thresholds and require attention.  In addition, executive dashboards provide clear and concise risk snapshots that help them more quickly identify issues and provide drill down analysis capabilities for troubleshooting.

Orange Arrow Workflow Automation & Alerts:   A key component of the system is the ability to configure workflows and create alerts to automate certification and compliance checks that measure risk threat levels.  The Risk Manager can send out periodic requests for risk level assessments or compliance certifications that can be tracked for reporting purposes.  Uncompleted assessments are automatically flagged as open issues requiring further attention. The system can automatically track open issues by risk owners and report progress in resolving open issues and completing risk mitigation projects.

Orange Arrow Data Collection and Consolidation:  The Risk Manager can easily integrate with your existing corporate information systems, including leading ERP systems, databases, OLAP or XML files through direct electronic feeds, electronic web forms or even via e-mail so that risk related performance data can be evaluated and monitored with the system.

Take control of managing your enterprise’s risk with StoneArch Software. Experience peace of mind knowing that the right people in your organization have the right information necessary to monitor and manage your risks.

  Customer Feedback

“With this tool we can move beyond defining risks and begin tracking real-time progress of key risk mitigation projects.”

    Senior Manager ERM (Fortune 500 Company)
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