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Report Manager - Move Beyond Metrics
In the past, developing metrics and introducing business intelligence were great ways to report and measure performance and highlight operating issues. Today’s organizations however, are moving beyond metrics and business intelligence into performance management.  StoneArch’s Report Manager lets you take control of your work environment by empowering managers and executives with the information they need to make decisions, resolve issues, and perform their jobs.

What is Performance Management? Performance management identifies cause and effect relationships between key business activities within your company and then develops forward-looking indicators that integrate historical performance data combined with process management and initiative tracking information to create easy-to-read dashboards and reports.

Web-Accessible Tools Are The Key:  Effective reporting tools need to be easy to use, easily accessible and provide drill-down capabilities so users can get to the root cause of the problems quickly.  Our reporting and dashboard tools are web-based and can be launched from any desktop without having to install expensive desktop software.

Orange Arrow Standard Reports:  The Report Manager comes with a pre-defined set of standard reports that allow companies to track and manage compliance related activities and monitor issues.  Standard reports let you view controls, track department compliance, examine overdue compliance tasks and summarize certification results and corresponding issues.

Orange Arrow Dashboards: The Report Manager’s dash-boarding features allow companies to develop snapshot performance pictures that depict key performance metrics, initiative status and cause, and effect relationships in graphical formats.  Drill-down features allow users to select specific information for further examination at more granular levels of detail.  For example, summary level open certification issue information can be selected for drill down and specific department level performance data can be viewed.

Orange Arrow Custom Reports & Dashboards:  The Report Manager includes a flexible report writing and dashboard development toolset powered by CorVu, a leading provider of business intelligence and analytic software.   These tools allow users to customize existing reports, create new reports and develop dashboards tailored to the specific needs and information level of different system users.

Orange Arrow Ad Hoc Reporting:  The Report Manager’s reporting toolset also includes the ability to quickly define and run professional-quality ad hoc reports for fast analysis of business problems without having to rely on expensive and difficult to secure IT resources.  Virtually any data captured in the StoneArch system can be incorporated into an ad hoc report.

Take control of compliance with StoneArch Software and experience peace of mind knowing that the right people in your organization have the information necessary to mange any compliance issue—large or small.

  Customer Feedback

“We didn't need more paper.  But what we did need were web-based, configurable dashboards that could tell us what was going on in with our business – and where we needed to drill down. This tool is a god-send.”

    Senior Manager Internal Audit (Fortune 500 Company)
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