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Project Manager - Evaluate, Prioritize and Track
Corporations today are under more pressure than ever to comply with regulatory and corporate governance mandates, including Sarbanes-Oxley and Basel II.   As companies rush to implement control systems to automate compliance testing and risk assessment, these efforts invariably identify issues and risks that require prompt attention.  What is the process for determining where and how to apply resources to mitigate open risk and compliance issues?

Orange Arrow Evaluate and Prioritize Projects:  Once you have you have identified key risks and compliance issues, you need a structured process to identify, evaluate and prioritize risk mitigation or compliance remediation projects.  Project Manager makes this easier.  You can identify projects, link projects with key risks or compliance issues, define key project milestones, develop project budgets and estimate expected financial impact.  By gathering consistent project information across all of your potential projects, Project Manager lets you evaluate and select projects that address the largest issues to offer the largest positive financial impact.

Orange Arrow Automatic Alerts and Notifications: Project Manager helps you stay on top of active projects.  Automatic alert and notification features let you know when key project milestones or activities are due or have been missed.  Escalation features allow you begin with reminders and increase the notification audience if activities stretch beyond due dates.

Orange Arrow Track and Report Progress:  Project Manager is integrated with the Report Manager so you can view standard project reports and dashboards to monitor and track status across all of your projects.  Summary reports allow quick identification of projects with issues, and drill-down features allow you to quickly assess specific project issues before they become larger problems; great for project managers and executives alike.

Orange Arrow Measure and Assess Project Results:   If you are going to spend the time and money on projects to mitigate risk or correct compliance issues, the next question is how will you measure and assess project results?  Project Manager helps provide answers.  When you initiate a project, the application links the project with specific risks or compliance issues.  It also helps estimate the projected financial impact of completing the project.  As a result, when projects are completed, Project Manager can track actual project costs and impact versus initial estimates and quantify results.

  Customer Feedback

“We used to have knee-jerk reactions to open risk and compliance issues without spending the time to determine what issues should really be addressed first or limiting spending based on the likely realized benefits.  We were wasting lots of resources.  StoneArch helped implement a more structured approach, saving us time and money.”

Compliance Manager, National Food Company

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