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Overview: Powerful Software That’s Easy To Use

Today’s corporations need more than policies, controls and risk assessments.  Too many companies have experienced first hand the staggering costs of compliance failures, including fines, shut downs and even criminal prosecution. In fact, by law, public corporations need to demonstrate sustainable compliance.  The question is how?  The answer is with compliance automation software.

An Integrated Compliance Toolset: StoneArch Software is a leading provider of secure document control solutions that helps companies finally address this issue and eliminate compliance failures.  We enable companies to collaborate and ensure compliance across the enterprise; fundamentally changing how business is conducted.

Orange Arrow Content Manager: The Content Manager is at the heart of the solution.  All documentation is stored in a single, centralized repository, allowing process owners, executives, and auditors to have access through an easy to use, secure, web-native interface. The Content Manager also includes a security administration framework, integrated audit trails, and a powerful red-lining engine.  Any activity performed at any level of the enterprise can be tracked and reported on using our software.

Orange Arrow Workflow Manager:  The Workflow Manager automates the movement and tracking of documents and content, allowing tasks to be prioritized, distributed, and handled by multiple workgroups and individuals for completion. It tracks and notifies where you are in the process with activities, improvement plans and remediations, helping manage all of the necessary tasks to meet your deadlines.  It also includes e-mail integration providing automated notifications and alerts.

Orange Arrow Content Publisher:  The Content Publisher enables companies to create web sites where approved content can be viewed in a secure manner. Published content is completely searchable using a “Google-like” search engine.  The latest, approved document versions can be quickly accessed by authorized users, including employees, vendors and even auditors, greatly reducing time and duplication of effort.

Orange Arrow Report Manager: The Report Manager includes out-of-the-box reports and dashboards. It also provides state-of-the-art reporting tools to create custom reports and dashboards.  With the Report Manager, companies can define reporting and information presentation frameworks with drill down capabilities to manage and control critical document, compliance and risk management activities.

Orange Arrow Compliance Manager: The Compliance Manager includes configurable forms to automate certification testing processes. Events can be scheduled to facilitate document reviews and test activities.  Standard reports to track and manage your compliance efforts are provided that include information about the status of all compliance tasks throughout your organization. 

Orange Arrow Risk Manager: The Risk Manager enables organizations to identify, assess, quantify, monitor and manage their risk in an integrated manner. It brings together all risk management related data in an easy to use application including: a reusable library of risks and their corresponding controls and assessments, results from individual assessments, key risk indicators, events such as losses and near-misses, issues and remediation plans.

Orange Arrow Project Manager: The Project Manager manages all the activities that are critical to the successful execution of a project plan. Through an intuitive user interface, an organization can link projects and programs to the organization’s objectives and record quantitative and qualitative data relating to the plan. It tracks status, costs, schedules, accountabilities, risks, issues, changes and dependencies for projects and programs.

  Customer Feedback

“This is the first document management application that’s intuitive.  It really feels that the core elements of workflow management were actually designed into the application from the beginning and not added as an after thought.”

       Administrative User (Fortune 500 Company)
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