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Managing Operational Compliance Just Got Easier
There’s bad news and good news. The bad news is that, according to a recent study by AMR, over 69% of compliance costs are labor related, spent on things like internal staff and consultants. The good news, according to the same AMR study, is that on average, most companies can save 25% or more on operational compliance through the use of labor saving technologies like software. Perhaps the best news of all is that with StoneArch Software realizing these benefits just got easier.
Where We Can Help
StoneArch Software is designed to meet the needs of all of your enterprise and operational compliance initiatives and can be deployed as part of broader enterprise-wide compliance strategy that includes addressing common operational programs such as:
  • ISO 9000
  • Supplier Certification
The Case of Mattel, Lead Paint Toys and $2 Billion in Law Suits
The cost of operational compliance failures can be staggering. Consider the case of Mattel and recent issues involving excessive levels of lead paint in toys:
Toy makers have faced a barrage of questions over this years toy recalls for lead paint… in some cases millions of toys were removed from shelves.  In 1.5 million toys made by Mattel, the percentage of lead in the paint was as high as 11%...(paint with 11% percent lead has 110,000 parts per million compared to the federal limit of 600 parts per million [18,233% over the federal limit] and you see the problem). Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood has jointed 34 other attorneys general from across the country [who] want legal authority to take on lead paint offenders.  Illinois has already passed a state law…and Rhode Island is suing three lead paint manufactures for more than $2 billion. ” WTOK-TV, Jackson MS, 12/9/07
As a result, corporations and their executives seem to be getting message; implement sustainable operational compliance controls or be prepared to face severe consequences. In general, it is not uncommon for corporations experiencing operational compliance failures to experience one or more of the following:
  • Fines
  • Criminal penalties
  • Lost contracts
  • Work stoppage
  • Lawsuits
The StoneArch Difference
StoneArch’s solutions are easy to install, easy to use and have a lower total cost of ownership. Our software has been designed to manage and automate each step in the operational compliance process to save time, automate repetitive tasks and reduce errors. The bottom line impact: fewer operational compliance failures, lower operational compliance costs and reduced operational compliance risk.
The Operational Compliance Process
If you are like most companies, you began by using manual processes to understand “how to get compliant.” This probably involved hiring consultants, trial and error and dependence on manual, labor intensive practices.
StoneArch Software includes a document management system and workflow tools that were designed with these steps in mind, to automate the entire operational compliance process. Processes include:
Documentation: The first step in the process is defining the key processes and standard operating procedures (SOPs). Processes and SOPs are revised and edited as necessary. Documents are approved by the appropriate person(s) and become available to distribute throughout the organization.  StoneArch’s software manages this process as described by the ISO framework to enable collaboration yet maintain strong document controls.
Publishing: All compliance documentation is stored in a single, centralized repository allowing process owners, executives and auditors access through an easy to use, secure, web-native interface. Only the latest, approved versions are accessible reducing time and duplication of effort.
Certification & Audits: It is necessary to validate that the organization is in compliance with corporate governance controls on a regular basis. If certification or audit tests fail, issues and remediation plans need to be documented and tracked through the process.
Reporting Tools: The status of the organization’s compliance must be available at any time. Reports and dashboards provide full and complete information on the status of all compliance tasks throughout your organization. Provided are macro-level views of any step in the operational compliance process with the ability to drill-down to specific details in seconds.
Workflow Automation: An embedded workflow engine automates the movement and tracking of content, allowing tasks to be prioritized, distributed and handled by multiple workgroups and individuals for completion. Processes are supported with event triggers to facilitate document reviews and test activities. It tracks and notifies where you are in the compliance process with activities, improvement plans and remediations; all necessary to meet your audit deadlines.
Audit Trails: Audit trails are available for all events including editing, approvals, accessing documents, and checking documents out of the system. This information is accessible by any authorized user.
Security: All access is performed using web-based protocols.  A strong security layer that protects all information is held within the database.  Because of this, all information can be securely accessed using an Internet connection and controlled using the administration tools available within the solution.
Why Automate?
Customers tell us there are a host of reasons to automate including saving money, eliminating mundane, repetitive tasks and reducing the risk of compliance failures. With manual systems, too many things are left to fall through the cracks. In short – you need to have sustainable operational compliance processes.  Common problems include:
  • Tracking issues
  • Inconsistent certification or audit testing
  • Unresolved compliance failures
  • Using unauthorized documents
  • Policy and control distribution
  • Lack of clear, defensible audit trails
  • Document security and change control
  • Cumbersome reporting
  • Critical errors due to inaccurate data
  • Wasted time using inefficient manual processes
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