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Implementation Services - Finally, Software That’s Easy to Implement
StoneArch Software’s solution is easy to install.  Many customers fully implement it in as little as 60 days.  This is no accident.  We’ve designed our software and corresponding implementation services to minimize the time it takes to get up, running and using our software.  To ensure this works efficiently, we have developed a ten step process working hand in hand with our customers to plan and implement your system.  The process starts with a kick-off meeting and ends with going live. The process includes the following steps:

Blue Arrow Customer Kick-Off Meeting: We begin by gathering the key stakeholders for an on-site meeting to review the implementation steps, discuss ownership of major activities and develop a formal plan for the project including key milestones.

Blue Arrow Requirements Review:  During the sales process, your requirements, including your workflows, application configurations, user requirements and special training needs will have been documented by our sales team.  We will begin by reviewing these requirements to ensure that nothing has been missed.

Blue Arrow Project Planning:  Once the requirements have been reviewed and a general implementation timeline has been established, a formal project plan is developed that includes implementation tasks, owners, due dates and critical dependencies.   In most cases, both StoneArch and Customer resources will be involved these activities.  Once approved, the plan becomes the implementation roadmap.

Blue Arrow Software Configuration:  This is where the bulk of the work is done. During this step, StoneArch implementation specialists work with your team to configure software options, design forms, define workflow, set-up security levels and coordinate activities so the software maps to your defined specification.  An on-site mid-project review is typically scheduled during this step to ensure the project stays on track.

Blue Arrow Hardware Installation:  Before installing the software, the proper hardware platform needs to be configured and tested.  This step is usually performed by the Customer.  This is not only because the Customer provides the hardware, but also because most IT departments want to control this activity for security purposes.  Our role in this step can involve troubleshooting.

Blue Arrow Software Installation:  Once the hardware platform is installed, StoneArch implementation specialists will install the software on your system.  This is typically done remotely. Installation and system configuration typically takes several days.

Blue Arrow Document & Content Loading.  Once the basic system components are configured, the system organization levels are in place and naming conventions have been established, documents can be loaded.  This step can either be done by the Customer or StoneArch depending on the service package selected by the Customer.  The length of this step depends largely on the number of documents to be loaded.

Blue Arrow System Test:  Once the system is configured and documents have been loaded into the system, StoneArch will complete a system test to ensure the system is working properly and adjust any configuration parameters at this time.

Blue Arrow User Acceptance Testing and Training:  Once the system test is complete, administrator and user training is performed. This typically involves a combination of on-site and remote end-user training. After training is complete, administrators and end users will also be asked to thoroughly test the system.  Any uncovered issues will be corrected at this time. After completing this task, the system is transitioned into a production environment.

Blue Arrow Go Live:  This step is scheduled after user acceptance testing, training, and transition into the production environment.

  Customer Feedback

“Implementing StoneArch’s Software was far easier than I had imagined.  Most installations I have been associated with in the past take longer and almost always run over budget…but this was different.  We actually had our system up and running when they said we would and the whole process went very smoothly.”   

    IT Manager (Fortune 500 Company)
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