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Content Publisher - Approve, Click and Publish
Simple, Secure Publishing:  Creating and editing key policy, procedure and control documents can be chore enough.  Ever wish there was an easier way to distribute documents across your organization or share documents with outside vendors, once the documents are approved?  With StoneArch there is an easier way.  With our Content Publisher, you can approve and publish documents instantly and making sure only the most recent, approved documents are released.  Save time, save money and take control.

Create Publishing Websites: The Content Publisher works by automatically creating websites that correspond to the manuals or “electronic three ring binders” that you use to organize your content.  Once a document is approved for distribution, the Content Publisher will automatically post it to the designated website.  Then, anyone with security access can log into the website and view or download documents to which they have access.

Organize and Link Content:  The Content Publisher allows you to organize content into tables of contents.  If desired, changing organization levels is a breeze. Document links can also be embedded within published documents.  All links are automatically updated and reference the most current version of the document.

Searching:  The Content Publisher includes a powerful search engine that lets users execute “Google-like” searches for documents, images or content published in the system.  Search results are displayed in rank order, based on the best fit using the search parameters specified, helping users find the right documents quickly.

PDF Downloads:  The Content Publisher also includes an automatic conversion features that allows users the option to view documents in HTML or to create viewable, downloadable PDF versions.

Control Document Access:  The Content Publisher enables administrators to specify security requirements for all documents that are published.  If a user does not have access to view a document, they will not see the document on the published website.

  Customer Feedback
"I used to worry all the time about distributing the wrong documents.  With StoneArch’s Content Publisher, this never happens. Content Publisher automatically publishes the latest version of approved documents and provides a traceable audit trail for every step in the publishing process.”

       Financial Controls Mgr.  (Fortune 500 Company)
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