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Content Manager - Take Control of Your Content
Secure, Collaborative Content Management: The Content Manager is at the heart of our solution.  Our application includes an intuitive user interface that lets customers manage all of their documents from a single screen.  With StoneArch’s Content Manager, you can setup “electronic 3-ring binders” to create and organize documents just like you would do manually. Save time, save money, take control.

Orange Arrow Centralized Repository: The Content Manager is a scalable data repository designed to store any type of document including Word documents, spreadsheets, diagrams, project plans, scanned images and pictures.  The repository creates a unique document identifier for each document and indexes document data for easy searching.

Orange Arrow Organize Content:  The Content Manager organizes content in “electronic 3-ring binders”.  Users create manuals which can be organized into sections.  The software automatically creates tables of contents, and like a 3-ring binder, pages or even whole sections can easily be moved and reorganized.  In addition to a unique identifier, users can give each document a descriptive document name for easier identification.

Orange Arrow Administer Security:  The Content Manager has a secure login screen that requires users to login with a user ID and password.  User IDs and passwords can be integrated with e-mail for seamless security administration with your network.  Administrator functionality enables specified users to manage security and classify security for documents.  Security can be established at the manual, folder, sub-folder, or document levels.

Orange Arrow Change Tracking Tools: The Content Manager includes a red-lining engine so document changes can be easily determined.  Documents can be viewed in HTML and edited using native applications such as Word, Excel or Visio. When checked out, documents are locked so only one set of changes can be made.  All changes are recorded with the red-line engine and can be viewed by any authorized user.

Orange Arrow Version Controls & Audit Trails: The Content Manager tracks all versions of a document. It includes auto restore functionality to restore prior versions and provides and audit trail for all activity performed on any document including check-in check-out, edits, approvals and workflow.

  Customer Feedback

StoneArch’s Content Manager organizes content the same way we always have.  It’s like having “electronic 3-ring binders” that automatically track changes and administer security.”

      Administrative User (Fortune 500 Company)

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