Stone Arch

Company Overview

StoneArch develops and markets easy-to-use software tools that enable users to collaborate, manage documents and take control of their compliance programs. Our flexible tools are particularly useful for creating, publishing and managing policies, procedures and controls. Our software also allows customers the ability to certify that critical operating procedures and regulations are being followed; improving quality, reducing costs and managing risk across the entire enterprise.
We Solve Big Problems
Traditionally, companies have relied on expensive consultants and manual processes to address the issues of governance, risk, compliance (GRC) and litigation. However, most corporations have stopped short of developing truly sustainable processes and still rely on inefficient and error-prone manual systems.  Many have also experienced the staggering costs of compliance failures first hand, including fines, shut downs and even criminal prosecution. As a result, companies are turning to software to solve these painful, large and growing problems to develop sustainable compliance processes.
Company Vision
We believe in building our business for the long-term. In fact, we named our company after the StoneArch Bridge which was built in 1883 by railroad tycoon James J. Hill.  Today, this iconic monument serves as a symbol of sustainability and thoughtful business leadership for our company as well as our community. At StoneArch, “Commitment to our Customers,” is more than a phrase. Rather, it embodies our vision of how to conduct business; building long-term relationships by providing top quality products and services.
Why StoneArch?
Our software is easy to use, easy to install and has the lowest total cost of ownership.  StoneArch Software was designed by compliance professionals.  As a result, our software automates each step in the compliance process.  StoneArch has a simple, intuitive user interface, yet provides comprehensive and scalable functionality. And perhaps most importantly, our implementation team can install and configure our application quickly. Many customers fully implement the solution in as little as 60 days, saving time and money.
Our Solutions
StoneArch Software was developed to provide sustainable compliance solutions on an enterprise-wide basis. This allows corporations to leverage their investment in software tools, implementation and training to address multiple compliance problems including regulatory and operations compliance, corporate governance, risk management, and legal activities:
Regulatory Compliance
Sarbanes Oxley (sections 302/404)
Basel II 

Operational Compliance
ISO 9000
Supplier Certification
Risk Management
Internal Audits
Financial Controls Management
IT Audits
Security management
Enterprise Risk Management

Corporate Governance
Company Ethics Management
Stock Options Grant Management
Coporate Policy Management

Legal and M&A
Virtual Deal Rooms
Litigation Support Tools
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